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The new car’s doors have rigid fixation in the utter and middle positions, but after a few years fixation weakens. This is a common problem that occurs in every second car. The reason for this is that the door check fixators are worn out.


When you are opening and closing the door, fixators are moving along the rod. The rod has recesses, and when fixators get into these, the door fixates. Over time, fixators wear out, but the rest of the door check works as it used to. So why buy a new check, if you can change fixators of the original one?

Устройство ограничителей дверей автомобиля

Ремкомплект ограничителей дверей Plastic Auto


We offer an inexpensive and high-quality solution - a door check repair kit. You can restore the fixation of the doors by yourself or at the service stations. Repair of door checks is simple and does not require special tools:


1. Remove the door trim.

2. Remove and disassemble the door check.

3. Replace worn fixators with new ones.

4. Reassemble in the reverse order.


The repair kit includes:


     - new fixators;

     - dry lubricant and an applicator;

     - compensation plates;

     - detailed installation manual.



Plastic Auto is our own manufacture. Fixators are made of graphite-filled polyamide 6 (graphitocaprolone). This material is specially designed for the friction elements. Graphitocaprolone has low friction coefficient, and due to this, our products have a long lifetime. We give a 3 year warranty for our products.






Why buying a repair kit is profitable? See for yourself: there is no point in buying the entire check assy if the problem solves by the replacement of only 2 parts - fixators. The complexity of the door check repairment and its replacement is the same, because in any case, you have to remove the door trim and remove the check. In addition, the price of one new door check for most car is at least $ 15, and for some it reaches $ 100. With our repair kit, you can repair 4 doors for $ 15, saving at least $ 45. Moreover, the quality of new door checks has become worse. Nowadays, manufacturers began to use cheap plastic, which wears out after 6-12 months.


Making an order is simple:


1. Select your car model in the catalog

2. Add the desired item to the cart

3. Click "Checkout"

4. Fill in the delivery information; select the delivery method and payment method

5. Pay for your order in any convenient way


Buy our repair kits and enjoy the doors fixation, alike to a new car!





We guarantee:


  • to ship the order within 1-3 business days from the date of payment;
  • to replace the product with a new one, if the fixators wears out within 3 years from the date of purchase;
  • to solve the problem, if the repair kit did not help or did not fit you.


Couldn’t find a kit for your car? No problem! Contact us and we will find a solution together.


Plastic Auto ремкомплекты ограничителей дверей