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The new car doors are fixed in the extreme and middle positions, but after a few years they stop fixing. Faced such a problem?


  • Tired of holding the door, when you need to get something out of the car?
  • Scratched someone else's car in the parking lot?
  • You are a serious respected person, but the doors of your car clap and creak?




We have a solution - Check Assy Repair Kits. Restore the fixation of the doors by yourself in 30 minutes! Replacement does not require special tools. Installation instruction is included in the kit.

Plastic Auto is our own production of repair kits made of graphite-filled polyamide 6. The price of repair kits is 10 times cheaper than buying a new car door stop.



To order just:


  1. Choose the model of your car in the catalog.
  2. Add item to cart.
  3. Click the button "Checkout".
  4. Pay for the order in a convenient way.


Purchase repair kits and enjoy the fixing of doors, like a new car!





We guarantee:

  • ship within 3 days after payment;
  • replacement of the goods with a new one, if the clamps are worn out within 3 years from the date of purchase;
  • a full refund if the repair kit does not help you;
  • free replacement of goods, if the repair kit is not suitable for you.


Did not find your car model on the site? No problem! Contact us and we will find a solution together.