Do your car’s doors have poor fixation? The new car’s doors have rigid fixation in the utter and middle positions, but after a few years fixation weakens. The reason for this is that the door check fixators worn out. We offer an inexpensive and high-quality solution - Door Check Repair Kits.

Plastic Auto is our own manufacture of graphitocaprolone parts. Our products have a long lifetime, because the material is specially designed for the friction elements.

When choosing a repair kit, check that the year of manufacture and the modification of the car body match the table.

Year of manufacture 1996-2003
Body modification YA
Тип фиксатора 3
Kit contents

fixators - 4 PCs.
compensation plates - 4 PCs.
dry lubricant - 2 ml.
applicator - 1 PCs.
installation instruction - 1 PCs.

guaranty period

3 years


graphite-filled polyamide 6


SP Sheikina N. G... Russia, Omsk

Repair works does not require special tools and skills. For repair, remove the door trim, remove and disassemble the door check, replace the fixators with new ones and reassemble in the reverse order.Check the manual for more information.

To order the repair kit just click the “Add to cart” button, then “Checkout”, enter your delivery information and pay in any convenient way.

We send orders worldwide from 390 rubles.

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